Can Our Movements Be The Healing: Xan West, Kazu Haga, LCF8M, Carinne Luck


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This episode is from a three-part series called “How We Get Through: Collective Resilience in a World on Fire” from our friends at Faith Matters Network. It aired in the Fall of 2020 which was a time in our country where we were literally on fire - California and other parts of the country were raging during the time of this series. But we were also amidst many pandemics at once - the pandemic of covid, the pandemic that is structural and cultural racism, the pandemic of record inequality and of course the pandemic that is climate change.

And what is different about this series - besides the fact that it features brilliant movement leaders - is that it explores not just what we DO in the face of this fire but how we BE together; how we keep going and meet whatever comes next so that we can bring about the future that we all deserve.

This particular conversation featuring Kazu Haga, Xan West, organizers from the chilean movement La Coordinadora Feminista 8M and Carinne Luck explores how movements in and of themselves are healing - how healing has been woven in from building relationships in small teams to exploring how to create containers for rage and healing in the streets and bring in intentional joy.

It is a provocative conversation about reclaiming our power to heal ourselves and one another.

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