COVID-19 Special Episode: A Call to Action for Community Care with Nicole Cardoza and Ryan LeMere


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This virus is exposing our inequities, leaving some people more physically and economically vulnerable than others. In the absence of systems that protect people in times like these, it’s up to us to respond.

In this special CTZN Podcast in a time of Coronavirus, we’re checking in with two of our favorite people about what we can do to show up right now.

Nicole Cardoza is a wellness leader and founder of Reclamation Ventures, a venture fund dedicated to closing the wellness gap, and has quickly pivoted her focus to providing real-time financial relief to our most vulnerable community members.

Ryan LeMere is an artist, designer, thinker, and founder of Aligned Magazine, which explores the intersection of culture, wellbeing, and social responsibility.

This podcast is raw and unplanned and a window into how we’re coping during this crisis, and what's possible when we have each other’s backs and build systems and politics of community care. Check it out.

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