Me & White Supremacy: Layla F. Saad


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Today, we're talking to Layla Saad, author, speaker and teacher on the topics of race, identity, leadership, personal transformation and social change, and the author of Me and White Supremacy.

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“The humility is that you, an individual person, aren't going to change the world in a day or even a lifetime. This is so much bigger than you. & at the same time each person needs to show up.” #MeAndWhiteSupremacy author Layla Saad on #CTZN @ctznwell

More about this episode:

A big theme in this podcast is reckoning, and you can literally hear me doing that throughout the conversation where I am learning in real time, because I know this work is constant. Layla calls it a practice, an everyday commitment to interrogate the ways in which we are implicated in white supremacy and a choice to do something different. She says that if you are doing this work and you are still comfortable then not much has changed, while intellectually you may understand what's going on.

If your life hasn't had to change in any significant way, it's not really making a difference. I say this as someone who is examining my own life, how I do this work, even how I manage this podcast and the question I think all white folks should be asking themselves is what am I willing to risk? What am I willing to give up to put on the line so that we can disrupt the violence that is white supremacy and be an active part of transforming our culture and community?

This podcast is calling white folks like myself up to a whole new level of practice and action. One that exists beyond our comfort zone, beyond business-as-usual, beyond our attachments to power and position. It asks us to trust in something bigger than our individual selves to believe so strongly in something that we will fight for it no matter what. And if we do that, perhaps we can become the good ancestors we were meant to be. Check it out.

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