Race & Resilience: Michelle C. Johnson


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This recording is from a live event featuring miMichelle Cassandra Johnson on Juneteenth 2019. Michelle has been a regular on CTZN Podcast . She has been an antiracist trainer for over 20 years, the author of the must read book skill in action and my co-conspirator in the work of Race & Resilience.

This conversation isn’t just about Juneteenth and the history of racism in America, it's not just about how white supremacy is at work on our bodies and minds, it's not just about reparations and strategies for liberation, it's about relationship and humanity and how to this work across lines of difference.

Michelle says that we don’t need more people dying, more statistics, more harm being done to black and brown people to know that white supremacy is happening; to wake up and acknowledge that something is terribly wrong. We just need to do something about it. Before it is too late. Before more people have to die.

She invites us to “remember to remember” - who we are beyond whiteness, beyond fear, beyond separation, so that we can find our way back to ourselves and to one another.

This podcast is the medicine of truth and the hope for liberation.

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