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Erin Schrode was an activist in the womb. By the age of 13 she had started a non-profit called Turning Green, a global student-led movement devoted to cultivating a healthy, just and thriving planet through education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices. She is young and passionate and hungry.

And it’s not that she’s fearless but rather fear-with. She can face her fear and do it anyway. And at the age of 24, she surprised even herself when she decided to run for office, becoming the youngest person ever to have run for Congress. In this podcast, Erin talks to us about taking risks, doing the right thing and living a life of service.

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More about this episode:

In this podcast, we talked with Erin Schrode about what it takes to take risks and make leaps. And it reminded me of an article I read recently that said the problem for women is not winning - it’s deciding to run. When women run they are just as likely to get elected as men.

But as Erin described her process of deciding, you could hear that narrative that women in particular embody - that we are never ready, never good enough, never smart enough or resourced enough to do anything much less run for office. I was inspired by Erin’s story of choosing to go all in, despite what was stacked against her.

And she had me reflect on what gets lost when we wait for the right time? What’s at stake when we don’t go for it? When we live up to our potential? And her secret is this: before she decides to do anything big, she asks herself three questions:

1-Where can I be most impactful?

2-What am I most passionate about?

3-What best sets me up for a lifetime of service?

And she is proving that we can start before we’re ready. And often when we do, we surprise even ourselves around what we are capable of.

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