Screw It, I’ll Go First: Nadia Bolz-Weber


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Today we’re talking to Nadia Bolz-Weber, who is one of the most provocative and unexpected voices in Christianity today. She is a former stand up-comic, NY Times best selling author and founding pastor of the House for All Sinners & Saints, a Lutheran church in Denver, Colorado.

But beyond her accolades and achievements, she is brutally honest, hilarious, vulnerable and profoundly wise. The Washington Post calls her a “tatted up, foul-mouthed champion to people sick of being belittled as not Christian enough for the Right or too Jesus-y for the Left." And she is committed to making a spiritual home for Junkies, Drag Queens, Outsiders and everyone in between (which is my kind of church).

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More about this episode:

Nadia is no ordinary pastor. She is both the friend you want to spill your guts to and the teacher who helps us make sense of everything. Her gospel is that of sinners and saints, shame free sexuality and finding God in all the wrong people. And she’s not afraid to talk about anything, whether it be sex in the church, white supremacy or the dentist. She leads from radical truth, a form of leadership she calls, “Screw it, I’ll go first.”

In our conversation, you’ll hear us explore the dangers of dualism and the power of grace, anti-excellence and pro-participation, whiteness and worthiness and coming to terms with the fact that we are fucked and we need help. It’s a humbling and human exploration of what it means to be alive today and how to find God and grace in the mess of it. It’s also the most foul-mouthed podcast we’ve had to date...and it’s perfect.

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