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In this episode, we are talking with Mark Gonzales - architect, storyteller, creator and author - about reshaping the public imagination and waging beauty on all fronts. He challenges us to ask hard questions of who we are and why we are here. And to be more imaginative, to dream bigger about how we can create new stories and structures that reflect our values: love, beauty and belonging.

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.@markgonzalesco challenges us to ask hard questions of who we are & why we're here-to dream bigger about how we can create new stories & structures that reflect our values: love, beauty & belonging. Check him out on CTZN Podcast w/@kkellyyoga ctznwell.org/ctznpodcast @ctznwell

More about this episode:

Mark is what I would call a human architect. He is a futures designer, a storyteller, a disruptor and a creator. He wrote an incredible book called IN TIMES OF TERROR, WAGE BEAUTY which is exactly what he does. He wages beauty in the midst of destruction. He sees the potential in failure. He makes magic and art out of nothing. And on this podcast he invites us to level up. To not just disrupt and push against, but to imagine better, to dream bolder.

One of my favorite quotes from his book is “context is what enables us to remember that we have survived far worse than this present moment and we will grow something far better.”

He says that when we get a taste of the “real” - of love beauty and belonging - then we can reject what they are offering us. We are able to discover creativity, which he defines as introducing invention into existence. Only then can we imagine better and plot towards the world that is beyond our wildest dreams. As you listen to Mark’s words, you too will start to wonder about what’s possible and wage beauty in a whole new way.

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