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GUEST’S NAME: LaToya Larkin

CULINARY SCHOOL AFFILIATION: The Art Institute; Houston, TX & Atlanta, GA.

BIO: Chef LaToya Larkin, MBA, CCE, has over 20 plus years of expansive knowledge and culinary passion which has led to a lifetime of achievement opportunities. Chef Larkin recently retired from her 8-year position as the Culinary Arts Program Coordinator at Spring High School in Spring, TX, where she was the first African American female chef in the district.

Chef Larkin now operates her numerous businesses full time which reflect her passions in life. Her businesses include:

  • “Black Girl Tamales” - a signature line of Soul Food fusion tamales such as Collard Green w/Smoked Turkey, Oxtail, Smothered Chicken, and Smothered Pork Chop.
  • “Not Enough Thyme Personal Chef Services” - a personal chef/catering business that provides in-home meal service, meal preps, and catered events.
  • “Divah Chef Apparel” – a culinary clothing line of shirts & aprons.
  • “Thyme 4 a Change” – a non-profit organization that caters to at-risk youth by mentoring and guiding them while planting the positive seed to exemplify the vast opportunities of culinary.

Chef Larkin received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Nonprofit Management from Springfield College. From the Art Institutes she received her Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management from The Art Institute of Atlanta, and her Associates of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Houston.




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