EP 157: A Nurses Perspective on the RaDonda Vaught Case


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A John Hopkins University study claims that more than 250,000 people die due to medical errors in the United States each year. The alarming number is believed to grow even higher, so it is a growing concern among many healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals.

But why are there medical errors occurring in many hospitals? What is considered a medical error anyway? Is there a way to protect healthcare workers from this?

In this episode, we will tackle the RaDonda Vaught case and how it impacted the nursing community. If you find this case interesting, join us as we cover another exciting episode of your favorite Cup of Nurses! ☕

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00:00 Intro
00:49 Plugs
2:09 Episode Introduction
03:00 Medical Errors Happening in the United States
04:52 The RaDonda Vaught Case
06:29 How and why did the patient die?
10:50 Plaintiff vs. Defendant
13:31 Time versus the SOP
17:03 The misinformation about the drug
23:07 Reporting issues of Medical Errors
25:50 Why Do Medical Errors Occur?
29:12 The system of double verification
31:00 Common medical errors recently committed
33:47 How to Prevent Medical Errors
36:38 Wrapping up the episode

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