EP 159: Pros & Cons of Being ICU Nurse


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ICU nurses or critical care nurses are highly specialized and trained healthcare personnel that provides nursing care to patients with acute illnesses or conditions. They are also trained to make split-second decisions and act quickly when a patient’s status changes. As current ICU nurses, we enjoy our time in the critical care unit as it has taught us different lessons that we now apply in our lives.

If you are interested in becoming an ICU nurse, you must know what you are getting yourself into. Besides the given work, you will also be dealing with patient loss and grieving families. While these are all part of the job, being an ICU nurse is very rewarding, especially when you see a patient recover to the fullest. And if you are interested in becoming an ICU nurse or have plans on being one, this episode is for you. Grab your favorite snacks, and join us as we share our previous experiences as ICU nurses and the lessons we learned while on the job in this fantastic episode of your favorite, Cup of Nurses! ☕☕

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Plugs
02:36 Episode Introduction
07:06 Pro: Health Care Team Collaboration
10:38 Pro: Access to other medical teams
12:40 Pro: Larger autonomy and scope of practice
15:03 Pro: Great career progression
15:52 Pro: Patient ratio
18:36 Pro: More on the critical task
19:59 Con: ETOH or unruly patients
21:20 Con: Crashing patients
23:51 Con: High stress
27:12 Con: Physical Labor
30:59 Con: Dealing with nasty wounds, blood, sputum, etc.
32:16 Con: Compensation
34:16 ICU is for you if...
36:08 Wrapping up the episode

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