NEWS EP 96: Soil Degradation and Human Demise


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What does soil degradation have to do with us humans? Everything. When we say "soil degradation, " the soil or ground condition is poor. This soil condition also means that it is not viable enough to use in planting our food. It is usually caused by poor management and is often used for urban or agricultural purposes.

When the soil's health is poor, it could mean a severe problem for us. Remember that our earth is fundamental for natural resources and is the basis for terrestrial life. Keeping our ground in good condition is essential for the survival of the world's entire living species.

This episode will talk about the importance of healthy soil, soil degradation, and what we can do to help enrich it. If we want to survive the following decades, we must act now. So grab your favorite snacks, and join us in another informative episode of your favorite, Cup of Nurses! ☕☕
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00:00 Intro
00:52 Plugs
02:08 Soil Degradation and Human Demise
07:25 What is soil?
09:54 The layers of soil
12:35 The essential life-building blocks in soil
16:43 Nutrient Depleted Soil
20:37 Soil Erosion: Monoculture
21:58 Soil Erosion: Synthetic Fertilizers
24:21 Soil Erosion: Tillage-Based Farming
25:19 Soil Erosion: Herbicides, Pesticides, and Fungicides
27:35 Soil Erosion: Mismanaged Grazing
30:14 Unity Between the Human Body and Soil
35:20 Wrapping up the episode

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