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Your favorite guys are back and they’re drinking tequila! The guys discuss what the ideal packed lunch was back in the day and of course one our hosts turns out to be that kid we all hated with the Lunchables every day. Florida Man is back in Florida but this man is on another planet with this headline.

It’s bracket time as the boys break down the last semi-final match up in the Most Annoying Celebrity Alive Bracket between #2 6ix9ine vs #11 Cardi B. Winner faces The Island Boys next week!

We go through your Voice Nuggets, Jose rambles about fuck ups and Chase tries to make up ground on the big board challenge with Name that Sound. Wrap it up with some Fill in the Blank and a tequila hangover the next day for the full Cup to Cup effect. Cheers!

Jose's Favorite Moments -

Not Chase's, but Jose's. It's important that you know it's Jose's Favorite Moments so Jose gets the credit he oh-so deserves. So please remember, these are Jose's Favorite Moments. Not Chase's.

8:40 - 9:00 - Jason is responsible for COVID

18:29 - 19:12 - Daddy got his bonus

24:24 - 24:57 - Milk and Pickles?

30:37 - 31:03 -Dick Dogs

40:34 - 41:16 - Jason is looking for practical positions only

1:10:08 - 1:10:38 - Kevin is a child

1:23:24 - 1:23:51 - Guys, do you ever have to adjust?

1:27:33 - 1:27:56 - What is Jason even doing anymore?

1:46:51 - 1:47:21 - Sharting in bed

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