“Big Dick Energy”


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The crew is having a great day (minus Kevin being bloated). The crew opens up talking how shocked they are Chris just took his first flight and they describe their ultimate nightmare situation. Florida Man takes us to St. Pete involving an angry Florida Woman. We get some awesome voice nuggets from loyal listeners Henderbeard, Josh Phares and Jaime.

The latest Chase Rant deals with more traffic issues. Fill in the Blank involves sex, moving and being bad. The guys avoid finding up their miscues from last week and we have a new Name That Show for a chance at a point on the big board. Grab a drink and enjoy the new episode! Cheers!

Chris's Favorite Moments -

4:00-4:30 Kevin’s Liquid Meth

655-7:10 “I Rooted Myself”

10:05-10:25 Chase Living First Class

14:40-14:59 It’s Science Kevin

23:07-23:32 Something Deep with Chase

44:00-44:43 Island Boys On the Pod??

58:57-59:28 Chase Did What?

63:10-6:28 Is Beach Sex Real?

81:10-82:00 The Jason Experience


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