Comedian Dave Hill - A Murder in his Garage


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We have an hilarious special guest join the show, comedian, actor, writer, fashionista, Mr. Dave Hill. He has everyone dying of laughter as he tells stories of his travels and comedy shows. He impresses the gang with his multiple talents including comedy, music, and of course dress making. Don't fuck up, follow him on instagram @MrDaveHill

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The guys attempt a truly crazy Florida man as everyone strives to get on the big board. After Dave hops off the boys vote on the last match up before the finals in the 90’s video game bracket super Mario 3 vs Zelda Ocarina of time. Voice nuggets are dropped left and right leading to a push up challenge being issued to Kev. Will he come through? Finally the boys wrap it up with a solid mix of fill it in the blanks.


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*

  • Guest @ 10 minute

  • Florida Man @ 49 minute

  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 95 minute

  • Fill in the Blank @ 100 minute - Use code "cuptocup" to save yourself 20% off and get FREE shipping.

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