Halloween w/ Ghost Biker Explorations


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Episode 144 gets extra spooky as Miranda from ghost biker explorations joins the show again for the first time since episode 46. She brings all new spooky stories and shocking ghost encounters. Kevin has a full on ghost boner and Jason is just a little ghost curious.

Premium, sexy, beautiful. All here.

After Miranda hops off Chris hops on and the guys have a tough match up in the bracket with McDonald’s vs Whataburger will there be an upset? Jose drops his fuck his from last episode and the guys have a Halloween themed fill in the blank. Chris drops a disgusting would you rather and Kevin has a chance to catch up on the big board with some trivia. You won’t want to miss this very spooky and creepy episode.

Chase's top parts, so he says...

4:00-4:30 Miranda’s nun outfit

15:40-16:10 picture pulled off the wall by ghost

23:15-23:45 ghosts in jail don’t like guns

28:30-29:00 followed home by ghost

29:45-30:15 sugar the dog is haunted by ghost

31:30-32:00 sees the side profile of a ghost face and Jason is ghost curious

45:09-45:39 Kevin has a ghost pull sheets off his feet

72:25-72:55 mouth feel and chase and Kev argument

76:55-77:25 McDonald’s ice cream machine takes 4 hours even though we put a man in the moon

83:45-84:15 Kevin’s mouth likes a soggy fry

103:23-103:53 how hard is it to rip toilet paper and Kevin pretends not to be in Reddit fetish group

107:17-107:47 would you let shoeless joe Jackson fuck your wife?

124:30-125:00 blood or armpit hair and sweat on your candy bar?


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