How Hairy Do You Like Your Kiwis?


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You’re getting an extra idiot for this one folk! Jose joins the guys and they kick it off by talking about what song they would play for their partner's dads the first then they meet them (wrong answers only).

Jason brings us a Florida woman who isn’t messing around. We reveal the 16 members of the Most Annoying Celebrity bracket and talk about who really is grinding the guy's gears. Chris brings us Would You Rather, Jose tells us Where We Fucked Up and you bring us Voice Nuggets!

Chase brings us a rant and we dare you not to laugh during Kevin’s Rapid Fire questions. Cap it with some trivia and the usual dick talk for another quality Cup to Cup episode. Cheers!

Jose's Favorite Moments

17:50-18:14 what do you have to do to get a cannabis card HIV

19:35-20:05 Indian guy born on 7/11 with no material

24:05-24:35 what you can’t talk about on college campus

24:35-25:05 fake uncle with Tourette’s

33:05-32:35 Kev reading off note cards when he does stand up

46:45-47:25 daddy loves Jesus but also loves drinking beer. Daughter stubs toe yells damnit. She ain’t wrong

50:15-50:45 dads joke I meant to say please pass butter but said bitch you fucked up my life

56:30-57:00 frank the tank blackout but not in a good way

97:30-97:50 Chason gangs up on Kev and makes him mad

98:45-99:15 Kev gets so angry because of Chason

114:30-115:00 Jason thought he was the reason the Packers lost

116:15-117:05 wouldn’t lick Mericle whip and def would lick horseradish

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