I Got the Clap


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Episode 164 is here and the Colorado kid is back giving us the OG 3 back together again. The boys jump right in with a discussion that leads to a talk about getting the clap.

Chris drops an opening item about spending 30 minutes in a room with a giant spider for 10k.

The bracket is here and we choose the last of the final four between Cardi B and Machine Gun Kelly. Who will move on? Kevin tries to prove once again that Chase and Jason are not smarter than kids and Chris drops a would you rather about hot and cold leading to a shocking revelation about his preferences. Jason wraps it up with a trivia question can Chase finally get another point on the big board?

In the wrap of the episode, we hear Jason’s definition of what a dildo rapper is so don’t miss this episode!!

Chase's Favorite Moments

2:25-3:05 some people would like to lose their claps

9:20-10:20 Kev would choke out the spider

17:55-19:20 blasting in your mouth/Chris pumping into your mouth

31:15-32:15 no one knows what Cardi b says

61:35-62:35 Chris is a freak who prefers a cold shower

72:20-73:20 Jason punks Chase about trivia

73:40-74:40 what is a dildo rapper. A dildo that raps.


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