Jason Plays with Barbies


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Episode 150 is here and with it comes some surprising details about the guys. Chris starts it off with an opening item that has the guys debating the 10 words they would say to their past selves. Jason drops a “Christmas” themed Florida man that stumps the guys. Everybody weighs in for the French fry bracket to decide who guys on to the championship 5 guys or Wendy’s.

Premium, sexy, beautiful. All here.

Axe Champs

Cayla Cakes

Jose tells the guys where they fucked up in the longest way possible and 7 minutes in heaven leads to a to a intense discussion about raising your kids to love your sports teams. Kevin and Chase try to get in the big board with name that show and Trivia and Chris gives the guys a technology related would you rather. Kevin wraps it up and tells us about the upcoming Xmas special so be sure to listen.

Chase's highlights...

14:03-14:33 Jason plays with Barbie dolls

15:00-15:30 Jason played with Barbies because his sister did his punishment

24:45-25:15 pay to have Dennis just stand around at your parties

30:25-30:55 Vegas or Christmas vacation which is better?

31:15-31:45 Vegas vacation why would you pick the guess the number game?

35:25-35:55 you can figure out what to do with 5 women

36:15-36:50 can deal with kids being in pigtails

37:30-38:00 averys first date is truncating bad boys 2

39:00-39:30 we aren’t intimidating anyone

54:30-55:00 Kevin spokesman for 5 guys

82:10-83:00 is it ok if your daughter is a gator fan if she goes to UF

84:10-84:40 I love you but also fuck the gators

99:20-99:50 can you still buy cds?

104:34-135:05 Jason days Keith ledger and Shia Labooof


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