Kevin & Friends : Ball Play or Tongue Tricks


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There are no rules for this weirdly average episode of Kevin and Friends! Jason finally sat one out and let the rest of the boys steer the ship for once. Kev brought all his special segments like Rapid Fire, Picture Time, and The Real 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Yes, we looked at pictures in a podcast.

Not to worry, there was bracket time featuring the next matchup on the Most Annoying Celebrity Alive bracket #8 Kylie Jenner vs #9 The Island Boys. Cap it off with some fuck ups and you have exactly why Jason will never leave us alone again. Cheers!

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Joses's Favorite Moments

00:00:01 - 00:00:16 - Jose is pumped for Kevin and Friends

00:15:44 - 00:17:18 - Jason’s vote

00:24:30 - 00:25:15 - Who like Island boys?

00:26:30 - 00:26:47 - Squabble baby

00:29:30 - 00:29:56 - Chris hair flip

00:31:31 - 00:32:05 Chase ruins everything

00:32:44 -00:32:60 No butt stuff

00:35:42 - 00:36:21 Kevin imagines Chris doing tongue things

01:02:59 - 01:03:09 Kev loves a utility belt

01:06:45 - 01:07:15 Chase has feelings

01:18:05 - 01:18:55 What is happening here?

01:21:53 - 01:22:21 We’re all scarred for life.

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