“No Mess Sex”


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A busy episode with the crew tonight as they open up talking shots and sex. Florida Man takes us outside Florida to Washington state involving a lady that just needs some rescuing. We start the Final Four of our Most Annoying Celebrity Bracket between The Island Boys and Skip Bayless.

The booze kicks in during the second half of the episode as Andy steps in for the vacationing Jose to remind the crew where they messed up last week.

Chris gives the guys a challenging What If involving entertainment and J rounds out the episode with an I Don’t Get It dealing with the entire idea of reboots.

Thanks to Josh the Artist, Jaime and i Moan for the voice nuggets. Grab a drink and enjoy! Cheers!

Chris's Favorite Moments

6:45:7:05 shots hit hard

12:20-12:35 Man of the Campus

13:15-13:45 Throw the Rock Again

17:15-17:45 You Need a Big Sh*thole

27:50-28:05 A Dream Come True

42:35-43:05 The Magic of Twitter

54:00-54:25 Draft Kev is HYPED

62:40-63:08 Chase Getting Drunk

72:48-73:00 J likes being Hard

77:35-78:00 Rough Day for Kevin


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