“What Does My Dick Taste Like?”


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The crew opens up hot debating tank tops and discuss one thing they could relive for the first time which gives us some quality content. The crew reads a couple premium notes and Florida Man takes us to Miami and a rowdy Burger King. We continue our Most Annoying Celebrity Alive Bracket between #2 6ix9ine vs. #10 Snooki for a spot in the Final Four.

Jose reminds the crew where they messed up and defends his segment and Fill in the Blank this week involves adjustments, paid to do anything and something odd with your Gamertag.

Chase gives us his latest rant involving his recent visit to the brewery. Thanks to Jamie and Antonio for the voice nuggets. Grab a double IPA and enjoy! Cheers!

Chris's Favorite Moments

5:00-5:15 Kev meets Double IPA

14:45-15:20 Kev is that Guy

22:16-22:37 J Missed Out

25:15-25:55 Stout is the Worst

50:35-50:50 Cut That Cut That

56:10-56:23 The guys “rap”

66:50-67:20 Repping America

83:20-83:42 F*ck All Your Dreams

85:30-85:50 Polar Bear v Scubasteve


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