Episode 11: Calvert Marine Museum Maritime History


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Part 3 of 3
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This is the end! Of the three part series I mean. This episode is the last of our time at the Calvert Marine Museum in Southern Maryland. Today I met with the curator of Maritime History, Mark Wilkins, and we talked all about the importance of the Chesapeake Bay in commerce, wartime, and more.
The Chesapeake Bay is an extremely important waterway for much of the East coast. Pertaining to military history, it was a very desirable area for capture; if someone controlled the opening of the bay, they controlled all commerce, industry, and travel. Many battles and skirmishes occurred right on the bay.
There is also a deep history of oyster harvesting, leading even to the Oyster Wars of the 19th century. Yes that is correct, there were actually oyster wars and we tell you all about them.

We also delve into the importance of the tobacco industry and how it changed the economy of Maryland and other surrounding states.
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