Episode 3: Northeastern Nevada Museum


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This week features the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko, Nevada where I talk with
D'ette Mossin about a very special bald eagle and the tragic City of San Francisco train derailment.
Silver the bald eagle was a rescued eagle from Alaska that had been illegally shot and was sent to the San Francisco Zoo for rehabilitation. After being released in the Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge, Silver decided to stay in the nearby area and became a common sight for residents living in Elko. He often talked fishers out of their catch and was so accustomed to people he would land feet away from them. As a sort of community mascot, he became much beloved. Tragically, 10 months after his release, Silver was again illegally shot and killed. Silver is now housed at the museum in a community-supported exhibit, with all the bells and whistles of great education and conservation efforts.
The luxurious City of San Francisco train was a cross-country passenger train that ran from Chicago to Oakland. During a trip on August 12, 1939, the train derailed outside of Carlin, Nevada, tragically killing 24 and injuring 121. The derailment was thought to be an act of sabotage after an investigation from the Southern Pacific and FBI. The townspeople of Elko played an important role in the rescue, cleanup, and aid of the dead and injured passengers with local stores donating goods, the local hospital working overtime to cope with the sudden influx of injuries, and the Elko Daily Free Press reporting the news to the world. The local hearse was even put to work as an ambulance (shocking one young woman who woke up during transport and thought herself already dead). The case remains unsolved (with plenty of conspiracy theories and local lore, and the $5,000 reward for information is still available!
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