September Bonus 1: Marine Corps Artist in Residence


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For the first of September’s two bonus episodes, we meet with Kristopher Battles, the Marine Corps Artist in Residence at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. We discuss how the creation of artwork for the Marine Corps includes a whole series of historical illustrations going from post-Vietnam all the way through to the current global war on terror. We talk about a few of Kris’s favorite creations, the stories behind them, and what it takes to be an Artist in Residence for the United States Marine Corps.
The Combat Art Gallery is a changing exhibit that currently features In the Highest Tradition-WWII Medal of Honor Art: paintings created by Col Charles H. Waterhouse. This exhibition highlights 39 World War II United States Marine and Navy Corpsmen who are Medal of Honor recipients. For each recipient highlighted, Waterhouse has created a portrait, a description of their act of heroism, and a painting depicting the moment of their honored acts of bravery and sacrifice.
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