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A few weeks ago I got to visit an art exhibit called The Art of the Brick and was blown away!

I got to see recreations of famous art pieces like the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and even a full scale Easter Island head. Oh and these recreations are entirely made out of standard LEGO bricks!

For this episode, I reached out to the artist, Nathan Sawaya, and he agreed to come on the show!

Tune in to learn…

-How Nathan went from a lawyer to full-time LEGO artist,

-How many LEGO bricks he keeps on hand at a time,

-What his process is for building a piece,

-& so much more!

For more info and The Art of the Brick exhibit schedule visit https://www.brickartist.com

For photos of his creations and more, find Nathan on Instagram @nathansawaya


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