Ep.26 - Wide Whacky & Tachy with Tarlan Hedayati, MD


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In this episode, Dave is joined by Tarlan Hedayati, MD, to discuss Tachycardia.

Dr.Hedayati is a practicing Emergency Physican in Cook County, Chicago. She is also the Associate Professor and Chair of Education for the Emergency Medicine Department.

Also In This Episode

  • Defining Tachycardia
  • Stable vs. Unstable vs. Cardiac arrest
  • Sinus vs. Not sinus
  • P and QRS
  • Narrow vs. Wide
  • Regular vs. Irregular
  • History of presenting illness matters
  • ECG Tracing example 1,2,3,4
    • What's the polarity?
    • LBBB
    • Regular and wide
    • SVT with LBBB
  • Fusion Beat: Wide QRS + Narrow QRS
  • Capture Beat: Narrow QRS
  • Treatment
    • Procainamide vs. Amiodarone
  • Irregular wide complex Tachycardia
  • ECG Tracing example 5
    • Polymorphic VT
  • ECG Tracing example 6
    • A Fib with RVR and LBBB
  • ECG Tracing example 7
    • A Fib with RVR in WPW
  • ECG Tracing example 8
    • Sometimes the QRS is too wide
  • ECG Tracing example 9
    • Syncope
  • ECG Tracing example 10
    • Fascicular VT

Connect with Tarlan Hedayati:

Twitter: @HedayatiMD https://twitter.com/HedayatiMD

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