Ep.31 - Hyperkalemia with a Cellular Twist You Can't Miss!!! Klein's Version!


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In this episode, Dave highlights one some consider to be the ultimate imposter- Hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a life threatening electrolyte abnormality that can be easily missed in the emergency setting, and it is vitally important that we can recognize this by interpreting our patients ECG.

Also In This Episode

  • ECG example - Diagnosis
  • Depolarization - what's happening at the cellular level. You don't want to miss it.
  • What is Hyperkalemia?
  • ECG example
  • Hyperkalemia is a primary cellular problem which is why is produces global changes on the ECG.
  • Is that Asystole? Nope it's sinus rhythm in Hyperkalemia "mic drop"!
  • Calcium backdoor solution to temporary stabilization of the cardiomyocytes. Buying your patient time to definitive care.
  • Potassium levels produce characteristic ECG changes but it's not sharp and point T waves...

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