Ep.38 - Can You Keep Up with the Pace?...Pacemakers and ICD's with Dr. Hedayati


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In this episode, Dave is joined by Tarlan Hedayati, MD, FACEP, to discuss how to decipher dysrhythmias in devices such as Pacemakers and ICD's.

Dr. Hedayati is a practicing Emergency Physician in Cook County, Chicago. She is also the Associate Professor and Chair of Education for the Emergency Medicine Department.

Also In This Episode

  • What does normal paced rhythm look like?
    • ECG Tracing example
  • Failure to Pace
    • What does a magnet do to a Pacemaker?
  • Failure to Capture
    • ECG Tracing examples
    • Pacemaker X-Ray examples
    • Twiddler's Syndrome
  • Failure to Sense
    • ECG Tracing examples
    • Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia
    • Runaway Pacemaker
  • Magnet in ICD's
  • Review - Look at the ECG
    • Look at the rate?
    • Are there pacer spikes?
    • Are there p's and/or QRS after every spike?
    • Are the spikes appropriate?


Connect with Tarlan Hedayati:

Twitter: @HedayatiMD https://twitter.com/HedayatiMD

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