Ep.6 - Morphology Counts!


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On this episode Dave talks about the evolution of ECG interpretation, but remember, it starts with our assessment of the patient and how it relates to the ECG and our ability to interpret it.

Before you get your hands on the ECG to make your interpretation remember these critically important things:

1. What is the history of the presenting illness?

2. What is the patients presentation?

Considering these things first will give you a better clinical picture so you can applying them to what you are seeing and interpreting on the ECG.

Also in this episode:

  • What about the 1mm and 2mm stuff? Biology doesn't work on millimetres.
  • Trusting you gut
  • Evolution of STEMI
  • Morphology and the shape of the ST segment
  • Morphology example
  • An easy trick to remember at 3 am!
  • ECG tracing example

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