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*The content of Ep.9 has been updated* Dave has made some small but important changes to the content, if you have the previous version of this episode you can kick that one aside and make this version your new best friend.

** In addition, our website and our podcast platforms had a fight this morning, the video version of episode 9 barged through the door and jump into the podcast feed! It has since been removed. We apologizes for this confusion, the videos are available exclusively in the members area at currentecg.com. Thank you!

On this episode Dave discusses the difference between a Modified 12 lead and a 15 lead, the advantages of the Modified 12 lead and how to use it.

Also in this episode:

  • The standard 12 lead placement
  • Don't forget to check the back of the heart
  • The modified 12 lead placementModified 12 Lead, Right Ventricular damage and No Nitrates
  • Modified 12 lead placement example
  • Is there value in lead V7?
  • Even small ST Segment changes in V4R, V8 & V9 equal big problems
  • Remember to label V4R

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