S3E2 - What to Focus on at Work and Where to Steer Your Cyber Security Career


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What jobs are out there, what jobs interest you and/or fit best with your desires, abilities, and preferences. I talk about eight (8) practices, over a dozen jobs, and 12 markets/industries, for listeners to learn about. This talk came out of a 1:1 I had with an early professional at my company and I believe many listeners can benefit from this conversation. Where do you want to take your cyber security career? What's out there? How do you find it? What should you do?
Reach out with questions, comments, or for assistance: cybergreybeard@gmail.com
Examples of "Practices"
1) Identity and Access Management
2) Infrastructure and/or Cloud Security (Tactical)
3) Offensive Testing
4) Threat Management
5) Cloud Security (Strategic)
6) Data Security
7) Application Security
8) Governance
Examples of "Markets/Verticals"
1) Healthcare – hospitals, payers
2) Financial Services – Banks, credit unions, insurance companies,
3) Governments – Local, city, state, Federal
4) Retail – Walmart, BBBY, Home Depot, Petsmart, etc.
5) Automotive – Honda, Toyota, BMW, Dodge, Chrysler, etc.
6) Airline – United, American, El Al, Lufthansa, etc.
7) O&G – Exxon, Shell, BP, etc.
8) Communications – Comcast, Centurylink
9) Technology – MSFT, GOOG, AAPL, FB, HP, IBM
10) Entertainment – Disney (ESPN, ABC, Pixar), Netflix, MGM, Caesars – is this a gaming subset of entertainment
11) Education – K-12, Universities, trade schools, conservatories
12) Defense - Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, CSC, Harris Corporation, SAIC, etc.

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