S3E8 Cyber Security Stories - Real World Examples


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In this episode I talk about real situations I’ve experienced. I won’t name companies, only industry and relative geography so as not to expose any entities. Some of these are more egregious than others, all are good learning experiences, for early as well as experienced professionals. Many look to join Cyber Security and wonder what it’s really like out there, these tales should provide some insight to that curiosity.
I encourage each of you to think of solutions to these problems. While I give some throughout the episode, there are many ways to solve problems. Don’t just think about technical solutions. What processes or procedures could these organizations implement? How about training, not just their IT and security staff but their end users as well. Spending money may solve a problem; however, if the product or service is not installed or utilized properly, will money really make it better? Use these stories to grow yourself and help you understand what the real world of cyber security, on the ground, really looks like.

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