IIA Knoxville—Dear President Trump: How to Secure the United States & Demonstrate That Your Company Is


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In the information security world, we all wish we had more access to senior executives. Following that logic, if you’re responsible for security at your organization, and you are lucky enough to ride on the same elevator with a senior executive from your company, you should be prepared with your “elevator pitch” on what to say about improving the cybersecurity posture of the organization. When asked, you want to have your message fine-tuned and be able to communicate it clearly and succinctly (before the elevator reaches the parking garage).

In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Mark Burnette discusses his elevator pitch to President Donald Trump with podcast host Bill Dean. While Mark hasn’t ridden on an elevator with the President, he doesn’t let that stop him from finding a way to articulate what the President should be doing to address cybersecurity issues at the federal level.

Listen, and discover these key takeaways:

  • Reasons cybersecurity initiatives at the federal government level are important
  • Former and current administration actions on cybersecurity
  • Reasons for establishing a national cybersecurity advisory committee
  • The need for enforcing existing cybersecurity laws
  • Why the ease and proliferation of cyber-attacks is too much to ignore

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