S1:E7 | The Speed of Light & Sibling Rivalries | Corrosion


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In the seventh episode of Corrosion the crew of "The Diligence":

  • Roanoak Dannon, a mob boss' daughter and archivist, arrives home to find her house in disarray and her sister on the prowl to take back what Roan 'stole' from her.
  • Captain Ezra Rose, starship pilot and gunslinger, tries to become best friends with The Falcon, but discovers Kayaa was beside them the whole time.
  • Kayaa Calwin, chemist and sentient blob creator, creates the best fuel ever invented and enjoys a heaping pile of mac and cheese.
  • The Falcon, takes a ride in what is essentially a giant washing machine.


d4 Adventures: Corrosion is a space opera of epic proportions. Join Ian, Laura, Melissa, and Luna as they dive into the chaotic life of interstellar cargo shippers who get pulled into an adventure greater than they could ever imagine.

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