Episode 74: Ending Stranger Danger (w/ writer Joe Keohane)


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It's week 102 of #daddinghard and I am blown away daily by my daughters seemingly LIGHTSPEED advancements with her language. Conversations - CHECK. Expressing her wants - CHECK. Expressing her emotions...... meeehhh not so much. This daily development might be my favorite this about fatherhood thus far.
In our guest segment welcomes now 2x guest and incredible writer Joe Keohane! Last time we did a deep dive on postpartum depression in dads - which we both experienced - this time though we dive deep into his fatherhood journey. We discuss his daughter's advanced love for art, how she's adapting to post-covid life, mechanisms he used to adapt to fatherhood, his desire for his daughter to be social and meeting new people, his new book "The Power of Strangers" and putting an end to "Stranger Danger!"
What a truly great and insighful conversation!
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