Episode 75: Dadding Through Autism (w/ Childhood Autism advocate Gary Martinez Jr.))


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It's week 103 of #DaddingHard which means we're 1 week away from my 2nd Anniversary as a Dad aka my daughter's 2nd Birthday! But before she turns 2 she's putting that sponge brain to work and is desperate to learn and remember everything she possibly can. That means daddy can't make empty promises about future plans anymore.....
In our guest segment this week, I sit down with father, fitness professional, Childhood Autism Advocate and all around incredible guy, Gary Martinez Jr! We talk about his #dadlife raising his 15 year old daughter through Autism. He drops tactics that he's used to help with the process and make his daughter comfortable, approaching bullies at school, using his acting dust, the importance of Disney+, having his daughter's condition brushed to the side by doctors and taking on the responsibility AS A DAD to help, love and protect his daughter while enabling her to evolve and have the life that every kid wants to have. Talk about #DaddingHard. This is an incredibly inspiration conversation!
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