Sukkah 15 - July 22, 13 Av


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Today’s daf is dedicated by Lisa Kolodny in memory of Marjorie Glick, Miriam Chana bat Rachel, and in honor of her loving daughter Emma Rinberg who learns the daf. Miriam recently passed away and was a bright, intelligent woman who loved learning and always had a smile for everyone. May her Neshama have an aliya from our learning.

If there are beams on a ceiling that are not connected by tar or cement, what can be done to make these usable as s'chach? Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yehuda debate whether or not this is a subject of debate between Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel. How is this different from their debate in the previous mishna regarding whether or not one can use wooden beams for s'chach? If the s'chach is made from metal skewers or beams from a bed, the sukkah is disqualified. But one fills in the space between the beams or skewers with good s'chach, and it is equal in size to the disqualified s'chach, then the sukkah is a good sukkah. How could this be if regarding walls for Shabbat we say that if the part that is breached is equal to the part that is standing, the wall is not a good wall? Why are beams of a bed susceptible to impurity (and therefore not able to be used as s'chach?

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