Sukkah 16 - July 23, 14 Av


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Today's daf is sponsored by Mark Goldstein in honor of his wife, Rena Septee Goldstein, on her birthday, "with love to my life chevruta."

If one uses remnants of clothes or utensils for s'chach, it is invalid as it still retains its status of being susceptible to impurity. What are examples of this? In which case would the sukkah be valid when one hollows out a pile of wheat stalks? The gemara discusses all different types of incomplete walls and whether or not they can be valid based on laws of l'vud and depending on where they are situated. Can a wall that doesn't reach within three handbreadths of the floor be valid? This is called a hanging wall. The gemara brings a mishna in Eruvin 86 where a debate regarding this issue is raised. Would those who allowed it in Eruvin allow it here and vice-versa? Or could one make an argument that the cases are not comparable?

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