Sukkah 18 - July 25, 16 Av


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Today's daf is sponsored by Jessica Jobaneck on the occasion of her marriage to Harold Kingsberg today and their joint siyum of Masekhet Yoma. "Here’s to being chevrutas for life." And by Michael Gordon in honor of his wife Avigail and their 15th wedding anniversary. "Avigail, I am so proud of everything that you do. And your learning daf yomi on top of it all." And by Ronit Shavit in honor of her son drafting into the IDF. "Wishing him much success. May God protect him. And in memory of her mother, Leah bat Masudi and Yaakov on her 16th yahrzeit. "My mother was my inspiration to learn the daf."

After the gemara brings a further attempt to prove whether disqualified s'chach ruins a sukkah at four handbreadths or four cubits, the gemara then brings a debate about whether laws of levud work only at the edge of a sukkah or even in the middle. Sources are brought to bring support to each opinion. In the case of a portico outside a house with a courtyard in the middle, can one use the edge of the portico to create the illusion of walls for the sukkah? Can the principle "the ceiling comes down and blocks it" be used here? Abaye and Rava disagree. Is it the same debate as between Rav and Shmuel regarding a portico in a valley as regards laws of Shabbat?

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