Sukkah 19 - July 26, 17 Av


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Today’s daf is dedicated by Deborah Aschheim (Weiss) NYC is loving memory of her father, David Aschheim, David Moshe ben Meir, whose 41st yahrzeit is today. "Daddy, you were taken from us too early in life. I miss you. You laid the foundations for who I am today. You would be so proud of me and Robert, and our children and grandchildren. And by Cliff Felig in honor of Minna Ferziger Felig on her birthday.

The gemara raises a question from our mishna against Abaye who held that the sukkah in the courtyard outside the portico would work as a sukkah even without walls. Rava provides an answer for Abaye. A different version of the debate between Abaye and Rava is brought but it is rejected. Rav Kahane had a sukkah in a portico and when Rav Ashi questioned him about it, he explained on what basis he permitted it. A braita is brought that said "s'chach that comes out of the sukkah is treated as a sukkah." Four different explanations of this are brought. The mishna discusses sukkot that do not have a flat roof but an angled one. Rabbi Eliezer disagrees with the rabbis but there are different versions about who said what. A mat of reeds is permited as s'chach if it was built for s'chach but if it was built for sitting on, then it is not as it is susceptible to impurity. Does it depend though on whether it was a small mat or a large mat? And what if it was not designated for any particular use?

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