Sukkah 21 - July 28, 19 Av


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Today’s daf is sponsored by Erin Piateski in honor of Jessica's wedding on Sunday. "Mazal tov Jessica and Harold!"

The gemara brings the mishna from Ohalot Chapter 3 Mishna 7 regarding a debate between Rabbi Yehuda and the rabbis regarding the laws of impurity of a tent for a tent formed by nature. Rabbi Yehuda's opinion (that it does not have laws of tents regarding impurity) contradicts Rabbi Yehuda's opinion in the Mishna Para Chapter 3 Mishna 2 where the torse of an ox functions as a tent. The resolution of the contradiction raises a question on Rabbi Yehuda's opinion on our mishna that one can sleep under a bed in a sukkah. Several answers are brought and the gemara analyzes them. What exactly is the root of the debate between Rabbi Yehuda and the rabbis in the mishna? One who leans a sukkah of a bed - Rabbi YEhuda and the rabbis disagree about whether it works or not and on what does it depend.

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