Sukkah 24 - Shabbat July 31, 22 Av


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How does the gemara resolve the contradiction in Abaye regarding Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yehuda - which one holds does one need to be concerned for death or not? In the end, they conclude that the debate regarding the wine of the Cutim was not about whether or not the flask will break but whether or not one holds by breira, retroactive designation. Another question is raised against Rabbi Yehuda from Yoma where he held that a second wife is brought for the Kohen Gadol in case his wife were to die. After the whole discussion regarding the two possibilities of how to understand why Rabbi Meir doesn't allow an animal to be a wall, the gemara raises a question against this from the cover of the grave (golel) and rejects both interpretations. Two other explanations are brought. What is the difference between them? Rabbi Yosi and the rabbis debate whether or not a get can be written on an animal and their proofs from the verses are brought. The mishna states that a tree can be used for walls of the sukkah. Rav Acha bar Yaakov said that a mechitza that can't stand up in a typical wind is not a valid mechitza. A question is raised from our mishna and other sources that have items that stand in the wind that are used as mechitzas. Each case is answered in the same way - they are all supported by something stronger that holds them in place.

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