Sukkah 3 - Shabbat July 10, Rosh Chodesh Av, 1 Av


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Today's daf is sponsored by Elizabeth Kirshner "in loving memory of my father, Rabbi Gabriel M. Kirshner (HaRav Gavriel Meir ben HaRav Shraga Feivel), on his 25th yahrtzeit. I continue to grow, his absence feels even more prominent and painful at times, I imagine and grieve all the learning we could have explored together; I deeply hope that every word of Torah I learn on my Daf Yomi journey and beyond brings his soul and spirit great comfort. May his memory be a blessing for all of us." And by an anonymous donor in memory of Aharon HaCohen whose yahrzeit is today, according to tradition.

The gemara brings a braita to raise a question on two of the opinions regarding Rav about a proof Rabbi Yehuda tried to bring against the rabbis from the sukkah of Helene the queen. Rav Shmuel son of Yitzchak rules regarding the minimum size of a Sukkah. Could he be ruling like Beit Shamai? On what exactly do Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel disagree about regarding sukkah that holds one's head and body and not one's table? The gemara brings a braita regarding the minimum size of a house needed for various laws. Is it the same measurement for a sukkah? The gemara analyzes the different rules in the braita.

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