Sukkah 4 - July 11, 2 Av


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Today's daf is sponsored by Deborah Aschheim (Weiss) NYC in honor of the recent graduation of Racheli Weiss Bergfeld from Bar Ilan University. "Mazal Tov, Racheli. Dad and I are very proud of you!" And by Goldie Gilad on the yahrzeit of her mother's family, ע"ה, who were killed in the holocaust: Yaacov and Sarah Cukerman and their sons: Fishel, Aharon, Leib, and Faige. And by an anonymous sponsor for a refuah shleima to Ariyah Rachel Miriam bat Malka.

In what ways can one fix a sukkah whose height is twenty cubits without having to actually lower the roof? The gemara brings several possibilities. Does the principle of gud asik mechitzta - one can view it as if there are walls in certain cases when there aren't - work by sukkah as it does in Shabbat?

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