Sukkah 8 - July 15, 6 Av


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Today's daf is sponsored by Zeev Felsen in memory of his grandmother Shirley Felsen, Sarah bat Ze'ev HaKohen, on her yahrtzeit. She valued education and loved the Land of Israel. Never had the opportunity to learn Talmud, but enjoyed learning about Rambam at elder hostels. She would enjoy these shiurim if she could figure out what a podcast is.

Rabbi Yochanan said that a sukkah round like a furnace is a good sukkah as long as it has a circumference that could fit 24 people around it. The gemara struggles to understand why the circle needs to be that large. A sukkah of a craftsman - can one use it as a sukkah to fulfill one's obligation on Sukkot using the inner one? What about the outer one? Are either or both of them obligated in mezuza? Sukkot Ganba"ch and Rakba"sh - acronyms for types of sukkot - can they be used for the holiday of Sukkot?

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