Yoma 32 - May 13, 2 Sivan


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Study Guide Yoma 32

Today's daf is sponsored by Lesley Glassberg Nadel and Don Nadel in memory of Don's mother, Rhoda Nadel, Zisa Risa bat Aliya haCohen.

According to the rabbis who disagree with Rabbi Meir and hold that each washing of hands and feet relates to removing the clothes and putting them on, how can there be ten washings of the hand if on the first time he goes to the mikveh, there is only one washing of the hands? Braitot are brought to explain why the Kohen Gadol needs to dip five times. Why does he wear the white linen clothes twice? There is something out of order in the Torah in that section of Vayikra 16 regarding entering into Ohel Moed – for what purpose does he go in again and when? From where do we derive that he needs to go to the mikveh each time he changes clothing? From where do we derive the obligation to wash his hands and feet ten times? Different approaches are brought. What is the exact order of washing hands and feet as related to undressing and dressing. Several different approaches are brought. What part of the slaughtering does the Kohen Gadol do before passing it on to another Kohen to finish it up so that he can collect the blood? What can we learn from here about the criteria for slaughtering?

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