Yoma 34 - Shabbat May 15, 4 Sivan


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Study Guide Yoma 34


The gemara continues to explain the order according to Abba Shaul and brings in different opinions regarding the order of certain activities. Are the requirement for libations for the Tamid sacrifice written in the Torah regarding the afternoon Tamid sacrifice and derived from there to the morning? Or is it the reverse? Rabbi Yehuda explain one way that they would heat the water of the mikveh by putting hot iron blocks into the water. Why is that not forbidden to do as it hardens the metal? Rav Bivai explain that the blocks were not hot enough. Abaye explains, it is because it is a davar sheaino mitkaven, a melacha was performed but it was not the intent of the action, as the action was meant to heat the water. But doesn’t Abaye hold by Rabbi Yehuda who holds that davar sheaino mitkaven is forbidden? The gemara distinguishes between rabbinic and Torah law. The mishna continues to describe the second dipping in the mikveh and changing of clothes of the Kohen Gadol in preparation of the Avoda of the day. The Kohen Gadol wore two different sets of the white linen clothing on Yom Kippur for the two different times he changed into them. The mishna describes where each came from and how much each set was worth (using very exaggerated numbers). Communal funds were used to purchase them, but the Kohen Gadol could add more money of his own if he wanted to.

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