Yoma 36 - Chag Shavuot, May 17, 6 Sivan


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What areas in the azara are considered “in the North” for the purposes of slaughtering kodshei kodashim? There are three different opinions, based on different ways of understanding the verse in Vayikra 1:11. The mishna states that the bull was slaughtered between the altar and the ulam. According to whose opinion is this? Does it only fit with one opinion or can it fit with two? What is the exact position of the bull (which way is his body, which way does he face) and why? How is smicha performed on other kodshei kodashim? For what sins does one confess on a burnt offering – there are two opinions. What is the root of their debate? What is the language of the confession of the Kohen Gadol on the bull offering and on the goat? There are two opinions. According to who do we hold? From where do we derive that the Kohen Gadol needs to confess his sins on the bull offering?

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