Yoma 66 - June 16, 6 Tamuz


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Today's daf is sponsored by Oliver Mitchell in honor his my wife, Rabia Mitchell, on their 25th wedding anniversary. "Thank you HaKodosh Baruchu for enriching my life with Rabia - my best friend, wife, teacher, and mother to our 5 children. I’m appreciative for every minute we spend together. Your learning, mitzvot, and chessed is an inspiration to all. Looking forward to the next 25 and beyond! Lovingly." And by Shari Mendes in honor of her husband, David, on their 36th wedding anniversary. "It is a blessing and a joy to have merited a few rounds of chai (18) together. Grateful for the wonderful years and praying for many more in health together."

A fifth and final answer is brought regarding the contradiction between Rabbi Yehuda's opinion (according to Rava's explanation) regarding one who pays two half shekels and one who ends up with two animals dedicated for the bull or goat offering for Yom Kippur. What is the process of sending the goat out to the desert? Who can do it? Can he carry the goat out even on Shabbat, if necessary? Can he go into the Azara to get the goat if he is impure? Rabbi Eliezer is asked a slew of questions (|some relating to mess-ups that could happen on Yom Kippur with the scapegoat) that he is unwilling to answer and instead answers back with a question. Why was he behaving in that manner. One question is asked by a woman regarding the three methods by which people were killed after the sin of the Golden Calf. Rabbi Eliezer responds by saying, "A woman's wisdom is in the spindle." Even though Rabbi Eliezer didn't answer the questions, the gemara brings answers for the ones relating to Yom Kippur and for the one about the Golden Calf. Did all of the Levites not sin in the Golden Calf or did some?

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