Yoma 67 - June 17, 7 Tamuz


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Today's daf is sponsored by Achsah Weinberg in honor of Rabbanit Michelle Farber, for the huge Hadran project, and for her daily teaching. And also in memory of her mother in law, Adele Weinberg, who passed away twenty years ago. "We are sure that she is very proud with the learning of her offspring." And by Rina Baumel in honor of her mother, Judy Schwartz, for her birthday. "Mom, your care and devotion to our family, daily acts of chessed and endless learning are a true inspiration to me. I'm happy we are taking this journey of the Daf Yomi together. Happy birthday."

The mishna and gemara describe the process of sending the goat to the desert and off the cliff. How many huts were on the way and how many mil (2000 cubits) were there between Jerusalem and the cliff? There are different opinions on the subject. They would offer him water to eat - how?? It was Yom Kippur!! He put a strip of red fabric - half on a rock and half between its horns. Why? Have they always done this or was tis originally done in the Temple? Are the limbs of the animal forbidden to benefit from? The gemara brings various drashot regarding the words used to describe the ceremony. The law of a goat is very difficult to understand – it is considered a chok, something we cannot understand but shouldn’t question. What is behind this ceremony? When does the sender become impure (also his clothes)? What happens in the Temple with the bull and the goat? They are taken out of Jerusalem to be burned and the innards are first removed to be burned on the altar.

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